We are asking that you respectfully reach out to elected officials through email or by 

telephone. As emotional as this subject is for many of us, if we complain about 

management, become angry or communicate in a negative way, it will simply reinforce 

issues and further encourage Council to re-purpose or sell the property. 


Elected Official’s Contact Info:


It is imperative that our elected officials understand how priceless this park is to 

our community and the surrounding communities as well as the equestrian industry in the 

State of Utah. 


Tips for Effective Communication with our Elected Officials:

1. State who you are. 

Email: Put Your Name/Address at the Top of Message. If you’re a registered voter state so!


2. Be clear about your position, be brief and humanize your message.

‘I support the Equestrian Park Coalition’s mission To Protect and Enhance the Salt Lake 

County Equestrian Park for All User Groups because _______________.


3. Please Don't "Flame". 

You are entitled to disagree with council. Positive forward thinking messages are far better 

received than negative finger pointing. 


4. Don't Become "Spam."

An office that receives numerous messages from a single person quickly loses sight of the 

urgency or expertise that the constituent can bring to a specific issue.


5. Establish Your Credibility.

Explain if you are an expert in some area. Also, state if you are either a personal supporter 

or a party supporter.


6. Addressing Management – Constructive complaining leads to change.

Explain your personal involvement with management if applicable. If you agree Council and 

Parks & Rec have become disconnected from the Equestrian Center management state so. 

Expressing in length a negative opinion becomes a rant. Please address the problem and 

seek solutions.   


Can’t find your own words? Feel free to use this from our petition:


The Salt Lake County Equestrian Park is the largest equestrian park in the State of Utah. 

Used by thousands of horse owners yearly, re-purposing the park and eliminating the 

equestrian facility would impact thousands of people who depend on the horse industry for 

not only income but a way of life.


I have used the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park for _____ years for: _______________.

The County has hundreds of special interest parks for soccer, baseball, golf, etc., but only 

ONE Equestrian Park.


The central location is perfect for many different types of equestrian and non-equestrian 

events. The show barns, outdoor and indoor arenas are used by numerous organizations 

and clubs throughout the year. 


I urge Salt Lake County to invest into this existing park and follow through responsibly 

after the millions of dollars already spent on the amazing indoor and covered arenas, 

outdoor arenas and race track.  This venue has the potential to be a world class facility.