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Equestrian Park 2017 Pricing Documents

Facility Event Rental Rates

Boarding, Park Pass and Race Track Rates

Ancillary Event Service Fees

Licensing Letter

Please contact Park Management with questions about these fees.

Proposition A

Thank you for supporting and passing Prop A.

Update 12/9/16

We learned great things at our meeting with SMG and The County Friday 12/9 including:
There is $1,835,065 dollars for immediate release for Capital Maintenance and Improvements. Following are the planned 2017 projects:
$150,000 Outdoor Arena Footing
$13,260 Sound System Expansion
$742,080 RV Parking
$255,000 Parking Lot Repair / Slurry Seal
$347,875 Metal Stall Improvements (400/500/600 Barns)
$176,250 Attendant Booths and Gates
$34,800 Gate Access Card Readers
$115,800 New Manure Disposal Bins


The Mink Farm land will be sold (likely by Auction) with revenue going back in to the Equestrian Park Budget (This is Huge!)


There is an additional $5 million dollars allocated for the Park and following are a few items to be prioritized and done with this money:
Racetrack Footing
Boarding Barn Improvements
Restroom/shower Building
Arena Panels
Equipment Upgrades

Yearly riding passes will cost $200 after December 31st.
They are currently $66 per person and are good for one year so go get yours bought before Jan 1st! 
Riding Club Members using the park during club night will need a pass.
Those coming in for events will not need a pass.
Use this link to buy your pass online. On the left under boarding, select online payments:…/boarding/


A new advisory board is being formed by the County and SMG that will include the following representatives:

Facility Stakeholders:
1 long term boarding Rep
2 Non-equestrian event Reps
3 Equestrian event Reps
1 Track User Rep
1 SLCo 4-H Rep
2 EQ Park Coalition and/or EQ Community at large Reps
1 Rep from an affiliated industry (EQ business)
Stakeholder Members:
1 Visit Salt Lake Sports Market Rep
1 SL County Community Services Rep
Standing Members
Facility Director
General Manager
South Jordan City Rep or Neighbor


Mayor McAdams and Council support the revitalization of the park. The budget and new advisory board concept has been presented and approved by Mayor McAdams and Council and they are interested and active in budget and other decisions made about the park.


The Coalition is now developing the Equestrian Park Coalition - Brett Tolman Scholarship Program - More information coming the end of January 2017.


Following see Boarding / Riding Pass / Race Track Price information:
BOARDING (per month unless otherwise noted)
Indoor Stalls - Existing $110.00
Outdoor Stalls - Existing $90.00
Indoor Stalls - New $140.00 Anticipated 4/17
Outdoor Stalls - New $120.00 Anticipated 4/17
Overnight Stalls $20.00
Tack Rooms - Barn 100 $23.00
Tack Rooms A&B Barns $75.00
Barn E $38.00
Runs (2 horse max) $120.00
Paddocks (6 horse max) $350.00
Walker Space Monthly $40.00
Walker Space Yearly - 1 per person $350.00
Trailer Parking (boarders & event users) $20.00
Trailer Parking (non-boarders) $50.00
Hay Storage $60.00
Shavings Bins Large $25.00
Shavings Bins Small $20.00


Self - load Free
We load/Trucks up to 1 ton $5.00
We load/Trucks over 1 ton $15.00
Delivered N/A


Every Person Using the Park Has to Buy a Pass
Daily Per Person (Arenas & Boarder Track) $10.00
Monthly Per Person (Arenas & Boarder Track) $30.00
Annual Per Person (Arenas & Boarder Track) $200.00 starting 1/1/17
Minor with Parent Consent-Annual $80.00

Race track hours will be determined and posted in January


Race Track Haul In
Required to have a Park Pass
Daily Gallop Fee - per horse $5.00 Track Only for Haul In's

Unload Hay / Push shavings into bins (boarders) $40.00/hr
Work request on racetrack - non-event N/A


The communities continued support for The Equestrian Park is the only way this will work. Your positive feedback to management and County Council is vital. The Community has so much to gain from this amazing facility.

Our work is not done.

How Can You Help?

Update 10/25/16

Thank you to those of you who have supported the effort to Save the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park. If you are a Salt Lake County resident, please educate yourself about Proposition A and Vote ~ Our work is not done! 

January 2016 - the Equestrian Park Coalition was formed to Preserve and Enhance the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park after Parks & Rec announced they would present 4 scenarios to County Council including turning the Eq Park into a regional, multi-use park.

Salt Lake County is conducting a facilities study of the Equestrian Park in South Jordan.

The study plans to review, although is not limited to the following scenarios:

1. Maintain the Equestrian Park and its service operation as-is.

2. Reduce the service offerings at the Equestrian Park.

3. Increase the service offerings at the Equestrian Park.

4. Convert the land into a regional park. This review considers re-purposing much of the Park from an equestrian use to one of field sports use.

(Directly quoted from the letter sent out by Salt Lake County Parks & Rec. in response to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune published Nov 13, 2015 – Group agrees on need to preserve Utah State Fair, spruce up fairgrounds)

March 2016 - With the help of Brett Tolman, representatives from the Coalition, SMG and Parks & Rec met with Mayor Ben McAdams to discuss the Parks current state and it's future. Mayor Ben formed an advisory team of 4 people from the Coalition to work with Parks & Rec to develop the 4 Scenario plan and to educate Council and Parks & Rec about the Park usage.  

March 7 - 13, 2016 - Over 60 volunteers conducted a gate study at the Equestrian Park. 1,444 horses were hauled in to the Park during those 7 days for events and open ride. 6249 people entered the park including 3836 for a large Lacrosse tournament. 


April 25, 2016 - Mayor McAdams held a Town Hall meeting at the Equestrian Park with an estimated 1500 + park users in attendance. This event was huge! Town Hall Information Flyer

April-August 2016 - The advisory team worked with Parks & Rec to develop the 4 scenarios, revised fee structure and improved staffing and management plan. This was an educational venture for both Parks & Rec, the Coalition and advisory team. Many park users contacted County Council to encourage them to support the Equestrian Park.  Over 6000 people have signed our petition.

August 16, 2016 - Parks and Rec presented the 4 scenarios to Council and with Mayor McAdams Recommendation Council voted unanimously to maintain and improve the Equestrian Park. 

October 24, 2016 - Jo Stowell started as the new Equestrian Park Director. She comes from Illinois to Utah with leadership skills, vast sales experience and over 10 years experience with the equestrian community at Bridlewood Stables in Peoria. Jo was chosen from over 30 applicants. 

From the Salt Lake County Press Release dated 10/19/16: 

The hiring process for the new Director was a cooperative effort between the Salt Lake County Community Services Department, Salt Lake County Council, the Equestrian Park Advisory Committee and SMG. This special interest in the selection process was borne out of events that occurred earlier this year when the future of the Equestrian Park was being discussed. The Salt Lake County Mayor’s office put forth four different scenarios that ranged from closing the facility to converting it into a regional, multi-use park. In August, the Council agreed with the Mayor’s recommendation to maintain the equestrian programming and opportunities at the park, as well as to invest in the maintenance and improvements needed at the facility. Five million dollars has been earmarked within the $90 million dollar Parks & Recreation Projects bond the County hopes voters will approve in November.

Press Coverage of The April  Town Hall Meeting:

ABC 4 News

Fox 13 News

KUTV Channel 2 News

KSL News

April 2016
To date we have 6,000+ signatures on our Petition to Preserve & Enhance the Equestrian Park. Sign our online petition here.

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